Our agency consists of the three creative minds Daniel, Philip and Luca. Together we form an unbeatable trio with extensive experience in our respective fields.

Our partnership is characterised by a harmonious interaction that enables us to develop innovative solutions for your needs.

At bcms, we believe in trust and commitment. Find out more about us and our philosophy – we look forward to writing your success story.


Daniel Buchal, originally from Frankfurt Main Germany, left his home in Hessen in 2003 to start a new chapter in his life on the Balearic Islands. After a thorough training as a communications electronics technician, Daniel worked as a media technician for around a decade, working for several well-known companies in the Frankfurt area.

Since the early 1990s, Daniel has been heavily involved in the early days of the Internet and established one of the first German Internet communities “Infobase Hessen”. His career developed further when he became a freelance web developer for well-known companies, including Gigabell AG. Before moving to Mallorca, he was managing director of the agency moderne zeiten media GmbH.

Since his arrival on Mallorca, Daniel has supported numerous companies in the development and expansion of their web presences. His extensive expertise in online marketing, coupled with a deep understanding of technical innovations, enables him to offer customised web solutions tailored directly to the individual needs of his clients.

Daniel’s openness to technological innovation is always reflected in his work and contributes to the ongoing optimisation of the digital strategies he develops.


Philip Kretz is a full-stack software and web developer. He started programming his own games and small applications at the tender age of ten. His path took him further and he completed an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media.

Since 2010, he has gained valuable professional experience in fullstack software and web development, working with PHP, Javascript and Java. Philip has a penchant for exciting and innovative remote software and website projects, where he always sees the opportunity to grow and learn new things as part of a team.

His ambition is not only reflected in his professional career, but also in his hobbies such as running and triathlon, where he is always passionate about doing his best.

In May 2022, he ventured into self-employment and founded his own company as Autonomo in Mallorca. Since then, he has been intensively involved in the development of software, websites and e-commerce solutions, particularly in the areas of Shopware and WordPress.

At the beginning of 2023, he successfully completed the Certified Shopware Developer certificate.


Luca Tina was born in 1980 in sunny southern Italy. He grew up in Germany, where he completed his training as a media designer in 2002 and immediately set up his own business. In 2012, he left his home in Hessen, returned to his roots and finally established the centre of his life in Spain.

He has been living and working on a small finca on the sunny island of Mallorca since 2022. His creative journey began at a young age with a simple pencil and a blank sheet of paper. From this initial passion for drawing and later for the fascinating world of graffiti art, his vocation developed. This creative journey led him to the field of media design, where he is able to vividly convey stories, emotions and cultural influences through various forms of visual expression.



bcms – Via Creu 1b – E 07180 Santa Ponsa – Mallorca – Baleares

bcms – Via Creu 1b – E 07180 Santa Ponsa – Mallorca – Baleares


bcms – Via Creu 1b – E 07180 Santa Ponsa – Mallorca – Baleares

bcms – Via Creu 1b – E 07180 Santa Ponsa – Mallorca – Baleares